What is Candy?

Candy is the easiest way to get an instant free load on your prepaid mobile phone. Simply complete surveys online or do a mission we're offering and get instant free loads as rewards. Answer a few short questions when you sign-up and we will match you with missions to earn instant free load. Your answers will be used by global and local organizations to help improve your community and world. Sign up and let your voice be heard!

Is Candy absolutely free?

Yes, it is 100% free & guaranteed!

Which networks are supported by Candy ?

As of now, Candy supports Smart, TNT, Globe, Sun, and TM.

Why does Candy give free load?

The Candy service is sponsored by advertisers. Candy is a great way for them to do promotions and market research, and as a reward for you, they can offer you free load in turn!

Why does Candy require information about me?

Candy requests your information through our registration, surveys and campaigns in order to better match you to our promotions. However, we will not share your information to third-parties without your consent. When you choose to join a mission, we will ask for your permission to use your information. By utlizing the answers you provide, we are able to better serve you, in the future.

How do I get more free load?

If you wish to get more free loads, please complete all the missions that are available to you. You can increase your chances of getting new surveys and promotions by keeping your profile updated, telling us about your preferences, etc.

Why am I not receiving any free loads?

Please check to see if you have the minimum Candy balance to receive loads. You need 15 PHP in your Candy balance to receive free loads.
If for some reason you can't get your free load immediately or in a few minutes after accomplishing a mission, please allow at least 1 hour for the load to be credited to your phone. If you still haven't received any free load after an hour, please contact us.

Why can't I get any email from Candy?

If for some reason you can't receive any email from us, please contact us here.

Why haven't I received any MISSION recently?

Currently we only have a limited number of MISSIONs available; we will notify you of future MISSIONs once they are implemented. However, there are other possible reasons why you have not yet received a MISSION:

  • Your email address or mobile number are incorrect
  • Your notification settings are disabled
  • Your email has been set so that it blocks emails coming from Candy's

You can edit all these settings on your CandyMyPage (after logging in) or your email service provider's setting page.

How do I transfer credit to another account?

We cannot transfer free load between accounts at this time.

Why can't I verify my phone number?

It can take up to 24 hours for us to receive your verification code and link your mobile phone to our system. If you have not yet received a verification code, please wait 24 hours before retrying. Each phone number can be linked to only one account -- please make sure that you have not already confirmed this number on another account.

How can I unsubscribe or delete my account/phone number?

You may send us your inquiry, on how to unsubscribe, by using User Inquiry Form and by categorizing it under "About other things". We will send the complete instructions through your email address as soon as we receive your inquiry.

How can I subscribe email newsletters or notifications from Candy?

To subscribe to Candy Newsletters or Notifications, please enter your valid email on you settings page and verify it on your missions list.

How can I unsubscribe email newsletters or notifications from Candy?

Ask our support support@can-dy.ph.